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I've been training with Orlando since August. The changes in my % body fat and muscle tone has been profound. Not only have I experienced improvements on the outside, my inner-self has developled as well. My self esteem and confidence has increased along with the strength and stamina of my muscles. I have worked with trainers before, but have never experienced the results I have wtih Orlando. It's the most intese, challenging workout, but somehow I get through it and come back twice a week for more!

-Lynn Meyer

I am a Cancer Survivor. During my treatment, I was given drugs which increased my weight. After finishing my treatment, I was a size 12, overweight and out of shape. I decided that it was time to get my life back to normal. Since I started working out with Orlando Green at Fit 4 Life, I have gotten back into shape. My body is getting firmer and I'm now a size 8. I feel like I have been given a new life!

Maxine Guerrera

I am a Licensed Psychologist in town. We take on a lot of stress. Orlando has helped me to control my stress. He empowered me to get my mind and body prepared for the daily rigor. He'll push you without being pushy, he's very accomodating, knowledgeable, mannerly, and he's tuned into your specific needs/goals. He has trained my wife thoughout her current pregnancy,and she is still going to him after 7 months of pregnancy.

I'm in full support of Orlando as a personal trainer. The ultimate compliment that I can share with you is that I dread his business getting too big. I am afraid I will not have as much access to him that I am accustomed to. I've been working out with Orlando three times a week for 7 months to date and intend to keep it up as long as I can afford it and my body can hold up, which should be a long time now that he has helped me to get more fit than I was able to do on my own. Indeed, I've referred several of my professional friends to him.

- Harvey L Gayer, Ph.D.

I am a 39-year-old mother of two. My experience with personal fitness up until the day I started working out with Orlando can be summed up with the following: I thought I knew, but I had no idea.

When our sessions began 10 months ago I was not new to exercise; I had attended a boot camp before, so I was familiar with a more intense style of working out. However, my weight continued to fluctuate and my successes were short-term. I needed a program that was the complete package: challenging, interesting, effective, and motivation. It was easy to select Orlando as trainer—he came highly recommended not only for his professionalism and his knowledge, but also for the results he produces. I have a friend who trained with him—she can be described as “hard core” workout enthusiast—and she achieved amazing results in a short period of time on his program. Orlando was obviously a good choice, but I had no idea how galvanizing this experience would be, or how it would change my life—my self-discipline, my fitness level, my approach to working out, and my outlook in general.

Since day one Orlando has told me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for, and this has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have lost 16 pounds and numerous inches to date, but I have gained far more than I lost. I am stronger, healthier, fitter and prouder than I have ever been. I no longer look forward to “off” days—I know look forward to each day as an opportunity to be better. Every workout brings new challenges and new success. So I would encourage anyone who is looking for a fitness program which will bring lasting lifestyle changes and results to sign up with Orlando. He is patient, persistent, creative, motivating, and unbelievably challenging; he instills self-confidence in his clients. Before I started training with Orlando, I had no idea. No idea how strong I could be. No idea how disciplined I could be. No idea how to make the most of my food choices. No idea how great my clothes could fit. No idea how much I was capable of. And now I know. Try it and you will know too.


I have been working out with Orlando for almost three years—and still going strong! I started working out with him to keep my weight/body fat under control, to strengthen my body so I could be active and less injury-prone and to improve my tennis game. I have achieved all three of these thing s—and more.

Orlando is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition needs, about sports-specific training and can always find a way for me to work out no matter what part of my body might hurt on any given day. He always asks me how I feel before each workout.

Orlando pushes me so much harder than I would myself and I am always amazed at what my body will do. He is very patient, but will not take no for an answer if he thinks I should be able to do a particular exercise. No matter how exhausted I might be walking out of the gym (or even walking in) the endorphins always kick in and I feel great. As corny as it sounds, Orlando really can make you ‘Fit 4 Life.’

--Janet Darvill

I started working out with Orlando after I had my second child. The weight wouldn’t move, even though I was weight training and doing cardio.

After a month and a half, I lost 15 lbs. with Orland’s plan. His workouts are diverse, intense, and deliver results. He has an excellent gym side manner—never cocky or boastful (but has every right to be)!

Since then, I moved away from Athens and got my certification as a trainer and opened a boot camp. I come to Athens to visit, and when I do, I STILL book sessions with Orlando. He is my inspiration and my mentor! If you are working out and your plan isn’t working—Orlando can change your life and the way you look in your jeans!

--Jennifer, 43

This is my story and I’m sticking to it. MY ASS HURTS!!!! and any other body part that happens to go through the “pain and pressure” workout of Orlando. Working out with Orlando will transform more than just your body; it will change your life. I have worked with Orlando for 4 yrs. There have been times when I thought I could do it on my own. Needless to say, I would come begging to get back on his schedule after losing the muscle we had worked so hard for and also gaining the weight back. I always say he’ll be with me longer than my husband. (just kidding, I’ve been happily married 22 yrs.) I would have never had the confidence to where a bikini at my age (just say it’s over 40) and to compete in half-marathons. But more than vanity it’s to keep my body healthy and strong too. I stand in high heels everyday at my job and have 2 boys; therefore, I have to keep up with them. There have been many times when I would have chosen not to go, but knowing he was waiting there of course was the difference. And that it would be sooo worth it. It keeps me balanced so I’m not so edgy with the people I work with. He is such an inspiration to my 16 yr. old son that plays football and wrestling. He LOVES when he gets to work out with Orlando, and he trusts what he tells him. I am so proud to see Orlando achieve his goals competing and winning Strong Man…he pushes all o us to do “one more set”.

--Rock on Lynn

I began working out with Orlando two years ago, He had already been working with my teenage son, and I was impressed with his patience and expertise training a young person. At that time, I was in my late 40s and had not worked out in a long while. Slowly, and steadily, Orlando worked his magic with me. I am now hooked on training with Orlando! He knows just how to encourage me to get a little stronger every week. And now, approaching my 50th birthday in just a couple of months, I am excited to say that I’ve run several 5K races, the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, and most recently, a sprint triathlon. Orlando has been my cheerleader all along the way, and I can honestly say that I am now in better physical shape than I have ever been. I plan to be training with Orlando when I am 60, 70, and even 80 years old!

--Kathleen Cook, August 20, 2009

Keep it up Lori you can do it, I kept thinking to myself as I was running around the track at a local high school. Chugging along the track I was trying to complete a mile running at a rate faster that I had ever run before. As I came into the home stretch I wanted to quit and start walking then, a voice in the recesses of my mind kept saying “come on Lori you can do it,” but this time it wasn’t my voice I was hearing, it was my trainers, Orlando Green.

My friend and I have been participating in a training program designed by Orlando Green to help us become stronger and more efficient runners. The goal was to prepare for a half iron man triathlon that we will be participating in, in September 2009. I have been a runner for years, I also participate in boot camp, biking and swimming; but, it wasn’t until I started working with Orlando that I really discovered the beauty of becoming more physically, mentally and spiritually fit.

I began working with Orlando in July 2009 and as a result of his facilitated workouts I have managed to decrease my timed mile by almost one minute. In addition to that I feel stronger and more aware of the affects that his guided workout sessions have had on my overall fitness. But it’s not just about the fitness. On August 15, 2009 my friend and I participated in a triathlon, the day before the event Orlando sent us a text wishing us good luck. This extra support has had a positive affect on my future participation in other events and has also made me feel as though I can do anything. My self confidence has been rejuvenated and my energy level seems to have tripled and I FEEL GREAT!!!!!

Lori DeJiacomo


Orlando is my motivation. When I do not feel like exercising, I know that Orlando will provide the motivation to keep me going. I have definitely built up muscle and become stronger and more toned in the time I have been working with Orlando. I also feel like I am healthier because I get a very good, balanced workout every time we meet. Orlando also does a great job of mixing things up in the workout, so there is usually something new to try.

Terry Cobb


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